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Katie H

“I’m not sure about anyone else’s experiences with other practitioners here but Dr Jelstrup is pretty much amazing. I explain to my friends and patients, who I refer there all the time, it is very “witch doctor” like. You don’t really know how or what he is doing but it ALWAYS works. I went in for a list of issues and he addressed the most pressing, then peeled back the layers of all my issues one by one like an onion. My treatment is ongoing and may be a long road but I’m not going anywhere! Keep an open mind and buy an infrared sauna already!”

Cindy B

I am so grateful to Jeanne for bringing me back to a healthy way of living, after a devastating surgery. She has been a Beacon of health for me and my family. She is an angel.

Dee G

I think I am consistently well because I see Jeannie on a regular basis. She prioritizes my health concerns, and balances my body, and brings it back to health. I totally trust her. she is compassionate, listens, and truly cares about me. She has an intuitive and practical gift.

Nancy S

“The 5 stars goes to BELLEVUE WELLNESS CENTER – Dr. Carl Jelstrup. Not sure if there is a confusion between Dr. Jelstrup and Jeanne Krider’s practice and another that has a similar name. In reading thru reviews I think there MUST be confusion. The work done at Dr. Jelstrups practice is amazing and I know MANY who feel it’s changed their lives for the better in a very short while. Not your standard pat you on the back and go experience, they are personal, caring, and have unique treatments or advice that have changed my

Denise L

When you see a physician for a problem, all you can describe are the symptoms and the cause is generally not addressed. Jeanne’s sensitivities to one’s morphogenic field allows her to be able to read what is the cause of the complaint as well as balance the nervous system. She uses Natural Force Healing as one of her tools as well as the body’s energies to allow the body to heal itself relieving both the complaint and the symptom. I consider her a friend that has been invaluable to me and my family over the years.

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