Dr Carl Jelstrup

Carl H. Jelstrup is a legend in the Puget Sound area of Washington.  He is a Norwegian by birth, a chiropractor by training, a cranial-sacral specialist and electro-medicine practitioner by choice.  Dr. Carl is most of all an iconoclast and an independent thinker.  Still competitively skiing in his early 80’s, Dr. Carl, who nevertheless says ski machines are ‘bad exercise’ is considered by many to be a ‘genius’ when it comes to intractable head and neck problems.  These conditions he manages to fix in days, not weeks or months, thereby earning the enthusiasm of his patients, their families and sometimes the envy, or the celebration of his peers

Jeanne Kreider DN, LMP

With a background in critical care nursing and a Doctorate in Nutrition and Alternative Healing, Jeanne founded a healing practice over 35 years ago.  She has studied and currently practices many different and complimentary healing modalities focused on healing the body as a whole from her clinic in Bellevue, Washington.  She is a member of the International Systemic Health Organization (ISHO), which is comprised of physicians around the world studying bio-vibrational medicine.  She has been teaching classes these past 20 years in the art of bio-vibrational healing, Natural Force Healing, and the use of the bio-feedback instrument used in the clinic.

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Dr. Dave Kreider

Dr. Dave Kreider joined the Bellevue Wellness Center team in 2009 after graduating Palmer College, Davenport, Iowa. Thousands of hours of mentorship by Dr. Carl Jelstrup and Dr. Jeanne Kreider have allowed “Dr. Dave” to build an integrated practice based on a foundation of health and wellness. For spinal related issues, Dr. Kreider utilizes upper cervical specific chiropractic (NUCCA) with complementary and minimally invasive treatment modalities (no twisting or cracking of the neck). Treatment works directly on the brain to remove stress and distortion patterns held in the body. Dr. Dave also has the ability assess and advise on dental, foundational, nutritional, post-concussion, digestive and general lifestyle issues. A visit with Dr. Dave is a true wellness check up, not just a normal visit to the chiropractor. Dr. Dave is continually seeking the most innovative and cutting edge chiropractic systems for best results with the fewest number of office visits. When not in the office, Dr. Dave can be found playing in the mountains or adventuring with his partner Liz. He believes the summer is for hiking and backpacking and the winter is for skiing. There is always a good adventure story to accompany your office visit.