The Bellevue Wellness Center is dedicated to assisting individuals with information, treatments, and suggestions for their health.  Our goal is to encourage the greatest potential of every person that walks though our door.  We attempt to find the cause of health problems and more importantly, the long lasting solutions to these issues.  Our focus is on the underlying causes, rather than the day to day symptoms.

When we meet a new person in our practice, we are meeting the sum total of their life experiences.   We focus on viewing a person’s life as a whole, realizing that issues can stem from an accident that happened yesterday, a trauma that happened at birth, or something in-between. 

Accidents, injuries, falls, birth trauma, braces, loss of teeth, environmentally toxic materials, abuse, improper nutrition, or the stress of life can lead to a gradual failing of the body.  We seek to find the primary issue in every individual’s life and start the healing process from that point.   

Each practitioner at the Bellevue Wellness Center utilizes a different set of healing modalities; however we all share the same vision.  We are here to teach the principles of wellness and good health and provide you with treatment options.

At the Bellevue Wellness Center, we want to you to BE WELL.